10 Things Every Blogger Should Know About Working With Brands

10 Things every blogger should know about working with brandsWorking with brands is one of the most mainstream ways to make an income through your blog, though – truth be told – it can be intimidating just to get started.

There’s so much to know: from how to find a contact in the company you want to work with, to how to craft the perfect pitch, to how to maneuver contracts and agreements, to how to implement your campaign and track the results.

A friend of mine has written a whole book on how to pitch and work with brands, but if you’re on the fence about whether or not working with brands is a good money-making strategy for your blog, here are 10 things you should know before you dive in.

It's about delivering value to companies that want to reach your audience.

If your first thought is “How much money can I make?” your focus is in the wrong place for this line of work.  Focusing instead on how much value you can deliver to the brands you work with will translate to a higher quality service, which – in the long run – will result in you being able to command higher fees.

What brand would want to work with you? A company that feels their product would be well received by your readers. They’re basically paying you to advertise for them and promote their products, but in a way that’s more personal than an ad on TV or one they’d place through AdSense – that’s probably not news to you.

But here’s the key: The more successful you are at proving the value you can provide, the more your campaigns will be worth to your brand partners, and the more you’ll be able to charge in the future.Continue Reading >>

20 Example Blog Media/Press Kits for Your Inspiration

20 Media Kit Examples for BloggersHands down, one of my most helpful articles for bloggers who want to connect with brands is How to Make a Media Kit that ROCKS. In it, I outline 10 easy steps to creating a media kit that will help you shine with potential brand partners and sponsors for your blog.

But as popular as this post is, there was one crucial thing missing:


A few weeks ago I sent out the all-call to my mailing list, asking my readers if they’d be willing to share their media kits to help great bloggers like you. And do you know what? They DID.Continue Reading >>

How to Stop Throwing Away Your Blog Traffic and Get More Subscribers

One simple trick to help you get more blog subscribersIf you’ve been struggling to build your subscriber list – despite focusing on serving the needs of one specific reader – despite asking the #1 question that will gain you a loyal following – despite dishing out the best content you can…

You’re probably making a mistake that is going to cripple your ability to grow your subscriber list.

Let me back up.

Every time you show your reader a link, you’re inviting her to leave the page she’s currently reading to follow that link. You know that, right?

If you’ve read my post on how to convert Pinterest visitors to subscribers, you know it’s important to prioritize what’s in your sidebar and to get rid of anything that would prevent people from subscribing to your blog. So if you’re like my standard reader, you’ll ditch the blog awards, toss the blogroll, and cut down on your ads to the ones that are truly making you some money.

But you’ve probably overlooked the one thing that’s even worse for your subscriber numbers, innocently thinking that it’s helping you. Continue Reading >>