6 Great Pinterest Plugins for WordPress

7 awesome pinterest plugins for wordpress | theblogmaven.com I have to say a big thank you for all the Pinterest love I got on my 9 ways to get Pinterest users to your blog post.

Y’all blew it up.

So thanks. 😉

You already know I’m a huge fan of WordPress – and if you’re a self-hosted WordPress blogger, you have lots of tools at your disposal to run a well-oiled Pinterest campaign.  Forget manually adding buttons to your posts.  From embedding Pinterest buttons inside your images to tracking your stats, to scheduling your pins – all you need is a boost from some plugins, and you’re ready to rock!

…and if you don’t want anyone sharing your images, there’s a plugin for that, too.

But let’s start with the positives, shall we?

1. Pinterest “Pin It” Button

Pinterest Pin It Button plugin for WordPress | theblogmavenRather than adding the “Pin It” button manually to each post via Pinterest’s “Goodies” page, you can use a WordPress plugin to add it for you.  The settings of the Pin It Button Plugin allow you to choose whether you want it to appear at the top of posts, at the bottom of posts, or both – and you can specify which pages or posts it should appear on.  Here’s a peek at the administrative panel: pretty straightforward.

Pin It Plugin for WordPress | theblogmaven.com

2. Pin Button Attraction: Awesome.

If you’re making people scroll all the way to the bottom of your post to find the “Pin It” button, you’re losing valuable opportunities for people to pin your posts.

The Best Pinterest Plugin for WordPress | theblogmaven.comPin Button Attraction is a premium (i.e., paid) plugin that embeds the little “Pin it” button inside your images.  It’s one of three premium plugins I use on my blog (Gravity Forms and CommentLuv Pro being the other ones), and I’ve been incredibly happy with it.

My favorite feature is that you can choose which images you want it on, so you can help point your readers to the images you want them to pin (and just not place it on the ones you don’t want them to pin).  And if you’ve been blogging awhile, there’s an option to turn on the pin button for all the posts across your blog.

There’s also an option (which I don’t use right now) to have the Pin It button appear when someone rolls over the image – drawing their eye to the image, and inviting them to pin it.

The best Pinterest plugin for WordPress (I use it here)

For me, Pin Button Attraction has been worth its weight in gold – I’ve definitely made back the $20 cost in new readers it’s brought to my blog.

3. Image Sharer

Best Pinterest plugins for WordPressChances are, your audience isn’t just hanging out on Pinterest. If you want to give people an option of where to share your post and still feature an image, check out the Image Sharer plugin. When a user hovers over the image, the icons of all three of the major social networks appear (Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter), allowing your reader to share your image on their favorite turf.

4. Pinterest Lightbox

If you’re a photographer, a designer, or just someone who uses WordPress galleries, you’ll be pleased to know there’s now a plugin that will add the Pin It button to an image that’s inside a NextGEN Gallery (see the screenshot below).

Pinterest Lightbox plugin for WordPress | theblogmaven.com

The Pinterest Lightbox plugin allows your professional photos to be sharable on Pinterest in their full uploaded size, so they look WAY better than a thumbnail.

5. Pinterest “Follow” Button

If you’re not so sure about pasting code into your sidebar to add that Follow Me on Pinterest button, you can do it simply with the Pinterest “Follow” Button plugin.  Just install the plugin and go to Appearance > Widgets on your blog.  Drag the Pinterest widget to any widgetized area you’d like and change the settings to suit your needs.  Easy as pie.

Pinterest Follow Button plugin for WordPress


6. Pinterest Pinboard Widget

Preview of Jeni's pin boards | theblogmaven.comIf you have a text-heavy sidebar (or just need some more lovely images for that prime piece of real estate), you’ll love the Pinterest Pinboard Widget plugin.  It displays your latest pins as a widget in any widgetized area of your blog.

From a blog growth strategy perspective, it’s really useful for convincing readers to follow you on Pinterest, with a sneak peek into your pin boards.

And it’s cute.

7. Pinterest Block

Even if you’re using Pinterest to help grow your blog’s readership, there may be some images you don’t want people to pin.  Fair enough.  For these folks, there’s Pinterest Block, which allows you to select global areas of your blog (home, archives, posts, pages, etc.) to turn off your readers’ ability to pin your images.  You can also do this on a page-by-page or post-by-post basis.

You know, so people don’t pin that photo of your kid picking his nose.


Did I miss anything?

There are a few other plugins out there, but I think these cover the bases.  If you know of another one that’s superawesome, please let me know about it in the comments!

What tools do you use to encourage Pins on your blog?

This post is part of the series Growing Your Blog with Pinterest: the Ultimate Guide. You can read the rest of the series here.

Disclaimer: This post may contain an affiliate link or two. If you purchase the Pin Button Attraction plugin (which I love), they’ll kick me a couple of bucks to offset the cost of the coffee I drank while writing this post. So thanks.

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  1. says

    I just launched my new website today and it was so helpful when I found yours last week to add the last few finishing touches based on your recommendations. Thanks for all the effort it took putting your posts together. I really enjoy your writing=)

  2. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Both for this post and many others. I plan to start using the pin it buttons on my blog and you made the options so easy to understand. I like that you included the block plug in. I would add there is a code you can add to pictures that allow you to block individual pictures, while its more work its good to know if you only want to block a handful of images across your blog.

    • says

      Hmm…I don’t know, since I haven’t tried it. The best thing to do would be to just try loading both plugins and seeing if there’s a conflict. I know that for Pin Button Attraction, you can choose which photos to include the Pin It button on. It doesn’t necessarily block people from pinning the others, but since there’s a Pin It button on some photos and not others, they’d be more likely to only pin the ones with the Pin It button on them. Hope this helps!

  3. says

    Great overview! I stumbled onto your blog as I was looking into Pinterest plugins for my blog. Exactly what I was looking for! The pin board widget looks very cool! Thanks!

  4. says

    Good set of tools, Jeni. Nice job, thanks. Also, I would also like all the pinterest users here to check out this free tool for Pinterest called Pinwoot (http://pinwoot.com) – me & my friend, Victor built this for ourselves and recently, opened up for everyone. Hope you will find it useful too. :)

  5. Tim says

    Thanks so much for the great insight!

    I just wanted to pass along another tool called Tint. It lets you display any Pinterest account pins or any Pinterest board pins to your likening. You can totally curate to your preference and then embed it into your website. It took me about 5 minutes to create and integrate into my site with no technical expertise needed. They have infinite scroll and multiple themes to choose from too!

    Feel free to check it out here: tintup.com/blog/the-best-pinterest-for-a-business-widget/


  6. says

    #1 and #6 could not both work on my site. The button (#1 in the post) was picking up the images in the widget (#6 in the post) and giving my blog credit as the source for the image in the Widget (not my image.) I removed the widget. I left #1 on (Pinterest “Pin It” Button) and also # 7, Pinterest Block.

    • says

      You might check out CoSchedule, as they have a whole suite of tools for automating your social media posting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they include Pinterest at this time; I did a brief search and while there are a few options out there, nothing looks promising. Something for the development community to work on, for sure!

  7. says

    Hi Jeni,

    Thank you for your great list. Yes, I do know another super-awesome plugin: our own 😀

    Background: We’ve built a 100% free, innovative, so-easy-that-my-granny-can-use-it-plugin which allows bloggers to add social & share icons to their blogs (incl. Pinterest, but many others too), give them counts, add pop-ups and many other features. Please have a look: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-social-media-icons/

    Please check it out. Any feedback welcome :)

  8. says

    I have a question for ya because I can’t seem to find the answer. I’ve seen a blog[The Pin Junkie] that has pin images in the sidebar with pin-it buttons with them. It’s awesome! And I want to do a few for some of my favorite posts that I think need a little more UMPH to get them out there. Do you know what plug-in this is?! Thank you so much!
    Jamie recently posted..5 More MinutesMy Profile

  9. says

    Thank you for posting these! I’m a Pinterest addict and hadn’t heard of all of these yet. I can suggest one that I use which I really like though, which is the JQuery Pin It Button for Images. I recently wrote a quick post on how to use it but it’s super easy and lets you put pin it buttons directly on the images, and has some cool customization options.
    Hannah recently posted..
    How to Add a Unique Pin It Button to Your WordPress Site in 5 MinutesMy Profile

  10. says

    Thank you so much Jeni for taking the time to create such a brilliant resource. QUICK QUESTION to you or anyone else who may know: 1) I would like the option to have the ALT TEXT on “pinned” images as the description instead of the article name / website?; 2) which one plays “nicest” on mobile (which is what most of my prospective clients use these days); 3) which of the popular Pinterest plugins is built efficiently so it does not take up too many resources and slow loading speeds for the end user. Thank you so much everyone since I’d like to make a decision soon and this is important to me to get it right from the outset.
    Cengiz recently posted..From the Bride for the Bride: my magical wedding anniversary in ParisMy Profile


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