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Blogger to WordPress migration by The Blog Maven | theblogmaven.comIf you’ve been frustrated with Blogger’s lack of flexibility or the fact that you’re beholden to Google for everything from your blog’s load time to whether your blog works or not (remember the two-day Blogger blackout last May?), you’re probably ready to make the change to WordPress.

But with all the new terminology (themes?  plugins?) and the sheer number of choices involved, it can be hard to know where to start.

Yes, WordPress does now have the amazing feature of a built-in tool to import your posts (thanks, WP!).  But after you get the posts imported, you still face issues like broken links, broken permalinks (the URLs of your posts), lost comments and (worst of all!) lost readers.

That’s where I come in.

Hire a Professional.

As a WordPress user with five years of WordPress web development experience and a powerhouse team of tech ninjas, I can help make your blog migration seamless, painless (!) and worry-free.  From choosing the right hosting company and selecting a theme that will work for your blog, to the final touches of redirecting your domain and adding social sharing buttons on every post, I’ll make sure you get started on the right foot in your shiny, new WordPress home.

Move to WordPress and Take Your Readers With You

Just because you want to upgrade your blog to WordPress doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the loyal readers you’ve taken so long to attract!  Hire my team to move your blog and you can take your subscribers with you.

I am very happy with my switch to WordPress. Although I used Blogger for some time, I constantly had to redo coding myself to get things to look how I wanted. With WordPress things are just set up in a cleaner fashion and there are an infinite amount of plugins to help you get the look you want easily. Overall, I am very pleased with my switch to WordPress. Thank You Jeni!!

~Lisa, Hullabaloo Homestead

Ready to Move to WordPress?

Take a look at my WordPress Migration information and then drop me a line.  I’ll contact you with a custom quote for your blog migration project and we can get started!

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Not sure yet?

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