How to Sharpen Photos in Photoshop Elements

Welcome back to Photoshop Elements for Bloggers! In the last lesson, we learned how to perform basic photo fixes like correcting under-eye circles, removing blemishes, and whitening teeth.

In today’s video, I’ll share how to make your photos really “pop” on your blog by sharpening them.

Note: Don’t forget to adjust the video’s image quality so you can see things better! Just click on the little “gear” symbol at the bottom of the video player and select 720px, or the HD (high definition) option.

Let’s get started.

How to Sharpen Your Photos in Photoshop Elements

Photo Credit: Nexus_6 via Flickr

Step by Step: How to Sharpen Photos in Elements

  1. Finish editing your photo, including cropping and resizing it for your blog.
  2. In the layers palette, select all layers, then right click and select “Flatten” to flatten all the layers down to one single layer.
  3. Right click that new layer and select “Duplicate” to make a copy.
  4. With the new, duplicated layer selected, go to Filters > Other > High Pass.
  5. Use the slider to find the “sweet spot” where only the finest details appear in a field of gray.  If you see a halo around any of the lines, it’s too much, so slide the radius a little further left.  Click the button to accept these settings.
  6. Change the blend mode on the sharpened layer to either Overlay or Soft Light.
  7. Use the little “eye” icon on the layers palette to turn the sharpening layer on and off so you can see how good it looks.  If you discover that fine lines, like eyelashes or eyebrows, are “glistening,” then lower the layer opacity a bit until that disappears.  Less is more, people.
  8. Select both layers in the layers palette and right click, then select “flatten.”
  9. Save your photo for your blog by going to File > Save for Web.
  10. Pat yourself on the back, because you rocked it!

Next Time…

In the next lesson in our series, we’ll be adding text to your photos. That’s right – I’ll give you a variety of layouts you can use to make your photos more appealing for Pinterest users!

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    I can’t thank you enough for this post. You’re directions were perfect. I’m so new to this blogging world & I happened upon you & your helpful posts which have actually helped me more than once. This article in particular stretched me as I’m way out of my league with all the background blog stuff. Feels pretty good to know that I actually understood most of what you said. GO me! Thanks again. I’ll be back for sure & from now on I’ll be sure to let you know I’ve been stalking you….in the kindest of ways. :-)
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