How to Verify Your Blog (or Website) on Pinterest

How to Verify Your Blog on Pinterest | The Blog MavenEarlier in my series on Growing Your Blog with Pinterest, I recommended that in order to get more incoming traffic to your blog from Pinterest, you should optimize your Pinterest profile.

Remember: the point of that was to provide an interesting blurb about you that makes new readers want to check out your blog.

At the time I wrote that post, adding the URL to your blog would add a cute little “globe” to your profile, which linked out to your blog:

How to Verify Your Blog with Pinterest |

Thankfully, Pinterest now has a better option for us.

If you have just five minutes (okay, ten minutes if you have to install an FTP client on your computer), you can get some new bling for your blog: the full URL, written out under your profile, that is a more obvious link to your home on the web.

Take a look:

How to Verify Your Blog with Pinterest |

In case you’re not convinced that it’s worth those five minutes, I checked out my Analytics stats this morning and since I verified my blog with Pinterest 24 hours ago, I’ve had eight (8) new visitors to my site from my profile.  For a huge blog, this might be just a drop in the bucket…but for others who are just getting started, 8 new visitors each day could be huge.

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12 Best Time Management Tips for Bloggers

Time Management Tips for Bloggers by The Blog MavenHave you ever looked at the pile of dishes in the sink, the paw prints on the floor, and your ever-growing mountain of laundry and thought to yourself,

“How will I ever find the time to blog?!”

Sure, there are people who are professional bloggers, who lock themselves away all day and do nothing but write and promote their latest posts.  But if you have a hard time relating to those bloggers – if you have a day job? – you’re not alone.

Most of us have precious few hours each week to devote to blogging – and the overwhelming majority of emails I receive from my readers say it’s a big cause for frustration.  How can you keep up with your blog, but not neglect the rest of your life?


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The Importance of Blog Backups

The importance of blog backups | The Blog Maven

Or, Avoiding Your Worst Nightmare

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[Me] Hey, how’s it going?

[Emily] Um…my site is gone.

[Me] Like, it’s not loading?  Sometimes that happens.  Just wait a couple of hours and check back.

[Emily] No, as in – there’s a blank WordPress install showing up where my site should be.  I’ve been hacked.Continue Reading >>