How to Verify Your Blog (or Website) on Pinterest

How to Verify Your Blog on Pinterest | The Blog Maven Earlier in my series on Growing Your Blog with Pinterest, I recommended that in order to get more incoming traffic to your blog from Pinterest, you should optimize your Pinterest profile.

Remember: the point of that was to provide an interesting blurb about you that makes new readers want to check out your blog.

At the time I wrote that post, adding the URL to your blog would add a cute little “globe” to your profile, which linked out to your blog:

How to Verify Your Blog with Pinterest |

Thankfully, Pinterest now has a better option for us.

If you have just five minutes (okay, ten minutes if you have to install an FTP client on your computer), you can get some new bling for your blog: the full URL, written out under your profile, that is a more obvious link to your home on the web.

Take a look:

How to Verify Your Blog with Pinterest |

In case you’re not convinced that it’s worth those five minutes, I checked out my Analytics stats this morning and since I verified my blog with Pinterest 24 hours ago, I’ve had eight (8) new visitors to my site from my profile.  For a huge blog, this might be just a drop in the bucket…but for others who are just getting started, 8 new visitors each day could be huge.

Ready to do this?

This tutorial video applies to people who are blogging on self-hosted WordPress, where you have access to all your files.  If you’re on Blogger, check out this tutorial, and (not self-hosted WordPress) users can verify their blogs by following these instructions.

How to Verify Your Blog on Pinterest

Note: Don’t forget to adjust the video’s image quality so you can see things better! Just click on the little “gear” symbol at the bottom of the video player and select 720px, or the HD (high definition) option.

Step By Step: How to Verify Your WordPress Website on Pinterest

  1. Install an FTP client like FileZilla on your computer.
  2. Configure the FTP client to give you access to your site and log in. Note: Where it says “Host,” you’ll probably be entering the URL of your website or blog.
  3. Navigate to the folder called public_html, which has your WordPress files inside.  Hold that thought.
  4. Open Pinterest in your web browser and navigate to your profile page, found under Settings.
  5. Scroll down until you see the box for URL.  If you haven’t already entered the URL of your blog, do that now.  Then click Verify Site to the right.
  6. Where it says Step 1, download the HTML file to your desktop.
  7. Reopen FileZilla, double checking that you’re in the right folder (public_html).
  8. Drag the Pinterest file from your desktop into the folder, making sure to place it among the other files, and not inside a different folder.
  9. Go back to Pinterest and click Verify.
  10. Once you’re verified, you can remove Pinterest’s file from your server.

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  1. says


    I used to be at a .blogspot and yes, I figured out a way to verify my blog through Pinterest. However, I just changed to a .net. My .blogspot auto directs to my new .net. I am wondering if I should re-verify using my .net or keep it at a .blogspot. Pros, cons etc?


    • says

      For the purposes of getting people to your blog, the .blogspot address works fine, since Blogger redirects them. But if you’d like it to say .net after your name (perhaps it’s more professional looking?), I think you’d want to re-verify your blog after entering your new URL in the URL box on your profile page.

  2. says

    Love this! Thank you…I have a question, I’m lost when it gets to “enter the information that your host has given you”
    My host is HostGator (my SIL does that for me) I’m just not certain what info. I need from the host. Sorry, I bet it’s obvious but I’m clueless… :0
    Robin recently posted..Decor Trend: Air PlantsMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Robin, you’ll look in the welcome email HostGator sent you initially. It should have FTP access information like a username and password, and possibly a port number. If you don’t have it, try logging in to your account and checking the left hand sidebar on your account information page. And if all else fails, call HostGator and tell them what you need – it’s something they should be able to provide you in just a few minutes. Hope this helps!

  3. says

    Thank you so much for your awesome tutorial! I’m a new blogger and chose to start with a self-hosted WordPress site. It’s been quite a learning curve and one of my biggest “fears” was working with an FTP. Not only was I able to verify my pinterest account, but now I have no fear of Filezilla either! I’ll definitely be spending lots of time reviewing all your information. You’ve been a great help :)
    Have an awesome day!

        • says

          Hmm…I’m really not sure what’s happening then. If you’re sure that the file went into the httpdocs folder (and not into a subfolder), that should have done it. Underneath the 1-2-3 steps on the “Verify your site” page, there’s an alternative method for verifying your site, I believe. See if you can walk through the other method. Sorry this isn’t working out for you!

  4. says

    Just found your blog! I can’t wait to read more of your posts.

    I can personally vouch for doing this. I did it a few weeks ago just out of curiousity and my followers doubled relatively quickly. I am starting to notice a lot more traffic as well.
    Lisa recently posted..Twice Baked RutabagasMy Profile

  5. says

    Hi Jen!

    I feel like such an idiot… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve entered in the host domain name in the Site Manager: Have changed the setting to Normal as you suggested. Entered in the username and password that Bluehost assigned to me, and it just keeps giving me a message on FileZilla that says: Could not connect to server.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks so much and many blessings!
    Tehila recently posted..Warning: Don’t Read if Your Life is PerfectMy Profile

  6. says

    Hi Jeni. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I’m ashamed to say that it took me a couple of hours, but I was finally successful. I had several FTP accounts to sort through, and was also a bit uncertain about the information to enter in the Site Manager. But I learned lots along the way!
    Brenda recently posted..4 Simple Steps to Sewing a ZipperMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Brenda, congrats on getting that done! Sorry I wasn’t a little more clear on that in the video. I’m going to add a little note in the post that tells people that the info for “host” is your URL. That’s caused a couple of other folks confusion as well. Sometimes it’s hard for me to look at things with fresh eyes (as someone who’s never seen it before), since I use tools like FileZilla every day. But 10 points to you for pressing on and getting it done! :)

  7. says

    Hi Jeni. Thank you for the tutorial. I’m trying to work through your video for verifying my blog on Pinterest and I’m stumped near the beginning. I’m using and I’m not sure how to find the FTP information. I am so new to all of this and maybe I’m just not looking in the right place. Can you help? Thank you.
    Lori recently posted..Put a Smile on Your FaceMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Lori, it’s something they would have sent you with one of your signup emails. If you can’t locate that, just call Dreamhost and ask a rep – it’s something they should be able to give you in just a few minutes. Hope this helps!

      • says

        Hi Jeni,
        OK. I’m back. I put this on hold for a week or so until I had some time to address it. I’ve entered my host, username, and password but when I click on connect I get the message of Error: Connection timed out/Error: Could not connect to server.

        Thank you, Lori

        I’m sorry to bother you with this but I’ve tried it several times and receive the same error message. Any ideas?
        Lori recently posted..Liebster Award ~ Triple NominationMy Profile

        • says

          Well, error messages are no good! If you try again tomorrow and still can’t connect, you might try logging in to your Dreamhost C-panel and locate the File Manager. You can navigate to the same directory there (public_html or the equivalent) and upload the Pinterest file to that folder. It might save you some headaches. Let me know if you can’t get this worked out and I’ll look into it for you. :)

  8. says

    I’ve tried this a bunch and my hosting service doesn’t use a public folder. They use a folder called HTdocs, but when I paste the pinterest file there, it won’t verify. Any ideas?

    • says

      Hi Kami, Make sure that when your Pinterest HTML file appears, it’s showing up in the same folder with “wp-admin,” “wp-content” and “wp-includes.” I’ve had a few people accidentally drop the file into those sub-folders. And if all else fails, I’d call your host’s customer support line – this is something they should be able to walk you through in less than 5 minutes. Hope this helps!

    • says

      My Pinterest traffic goes in cycles: when I first release a new post, the traffic from Pinterest will spike and then wane for awhile…until people rediscover a post (usually what I’ve put in my sidebar) and pin it, which starts a new cycle of visitors and more pins. I haven’t written a post in the last 45 days or so (too busy!) and my Pinterest traffic right now is between 700-1,000 visits per day. As a service based business, I think it’s worth it to spend the extra time writing high quality, pinnable content that will keep people coming to check it out. 95% of my clients have found me through Pinterest, and most start out with blog coaching and do designs later. The other 5% or so are from word of mouth referrals. And *that’s* why I love Pinterest. :)

    • says

      Hi Lindsay, different hosts have different file structures. What you want to find is the directory that has these folders in it: wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes. You’ll put Pinterest’s HTML verification file in the same directory as those folders (but not inside the folders – just out beside them). Hope this helps!

  9. says

    Jeni: I just did this tutorial and it was very easy to follow. Thanks.

    However, when I got to the last step (clicking the verify website button on Pinterest) I didn’t get the confirmation message you showed in your video.

    I can see the file on my server in Filezilla, so not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any advice?
    Shana Norris recently posted..Where to Find Free Photos for Your BlogMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Shana,

      Two possibilities here: one, that perhaps the file isn’t in the right directory on your servers. Is it in the same folder with wp-content, wp-admin and wp-includes? This can vary from hosting company to hosting company, so you might call your host and have them walk you through it. The other possibility is that it actually was verified but just didn’t show you the confirmation. If that’s the case, you could look on your Pinterest home page next to your profile photo and see if the URL for your site is there. If so, you’re good to go. :)

      Hope this helps!

  10. says

    Hi there,
    I appreciated your video however I have two WordPress websites that I’m wanting to verify with Pinterest and so far have had no luck in doing so. We are currently using Aptana for FTP on our main business website:
    I did download Filezilla after seeing your video and followed your instructions but had no luck there either.
    Our other site is:….not live yet.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  11. says

    Thank you very much! I’f just started my blog today and I am a Pinterest fan so realy needed to put these two together!
    My next project is placing the blogs I follow on my blog! Like Yours! And sharing with everybody how my “Blog-Puzzle” was solved thanks to the help from others!

    Hannelore recently posted..The beginningMy Profile

  12. says

    Thank you so much, Jeni! This video was incredibly useful. I’ve been wanting to convert my Pinterest account from personal to business but I’ve been procrastinating for weeks thinking that the process was just too darn tedious. Thanks for making the verification process that much easier.

  13. says

    Your video was a big help. I hit a road block because for some reason I wasn’t able to drag and drop. Then I tried to use the manual option and that didn’t work either.
    I ended up logging onto my host and uploading the file. I initially got an error message when I tried to verify, so I just got up and walked away from the computer. When I came back Pinterest said that my site was verified lol. Thanks again for the awesome video!
    This helped me to notice that my files need to be cleaned up because its a jumbled confusing mess back there.
    UmmAyana recently posted..Fabulous Cloth Pad Swap – 1My Profile

  14. says

    Heya great website! Does running a blog like this take a great deal of work?

    I have no expertise in coding however I was hoping to start my
    own blog soon. Anyhow, should you have any recommendations or
    tips for new blog owners please share. I understand this is off topic however I
    just needed to ask. Thanks!
    Bernard recently posted..BernardMy Profile

    • Jeni Elliott says

      Hi Marisa, – yep, you’re verified. Pinterest has made a few design changes since I created this tutorial, but just as long as your URL is showing up in your profile, you’re verified!

  15. says

    Ooooh boy! What a plethora of information. Where do I start? Anyway, I have booked marked your site and I’m going to be coming back often as I can use all the useful assistance I can find. The one thing too that caught my eye is my WP hosting company. I am currently using a “big box” company and I’m not very happy with them. So I’m going to look at WP Engine. Thanks again.

  16. says

    Hi, I’m using to host my website, and the free version of I’m confused because in the video you say that it won’t work for WordPress, but the printed instructions look pretty similar (at least the first few steps). Anyway, this is the info I was able to find from
    Your FTP Credentials Are as Follows:
    Host/Server–This is your Domain name (e.g.
    Note: If your domain name is not using our server’s IP address or has not yet propagated, you must use as the Host/Server.
    Username– (Enter the actual name of your domain name.)
    Password–Enter the password associated with your hosting account. If you are unsure what your hosting password is, you can change it by logging into your account manager and clicking your hosting account link below your domain name.
    Port– FTP programs may ask you for a port number. Your port number is 21.
    Folder–Some programs (such as Dreamweaver) ask for the folder you are uploading your website to – yours is /public.
    So I’m confused about what to use as the host/server. I’ve tried using my website, and it won’t connect. I’ve tried using and it connects but doesn’t like the password I’m using. I’m confused as to which login name/password to use – the one that logs into my account? The one the logs into my account? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your note! I’m not familiar with the way does hosting – I wasn’t aware that they did anything besides domain registration, in fact. I think the best thing would be to call their customer service and ask them to walk you through setting up FTP. Sorry to not be of more help!


  17. says

    Hi Jeni. Love the tutorial, because I have trouble with pinterest. My host is wordpress, when I’m using FileZilla it would not connected to the server. I don’t know what is the problem?

    – Denise

    • says

      Hi Denise, you’re blogging on, so there’s no way for your to connect with your files directly. If you take a look at the comment right above yours, I gave Jennifer a link to a tutorial just for folks. Hope it helps!

    • says

      Hi Ranya,

      Even if it doesn’t look like it verified properly, sometimes Pinterest just throws an error. Check and see if you have the little globe and URL right there in your profile. If so, then you’re verified!

  18. RG says

    Hi Jeni,

    Great article and very helpfu! Thank you for posting it.
    You mention right clicking to remove the pinterest file after verification is successful, but there is no right click in mac computers. Any ideas on how I can delete the file from my server on my mac?

    • says

      Hi RG, you should also be able to just select the file and hit “delete.” I have a Mac, but I use a mouse or the trackpad on my MacbookPro that allows me to right click. :) But if you can’t get it off for some reason, that file should be fine just to sit there.

  19. says

    This was a great post, thank you for sharing. I have a “managed” WordPress site on GoDaddy and made it successfully to the step where I went to verify my website but am still getting “Trouble verifying your domain. Please try again later.” I got the “directory listing successful” when I moved the Pinterest file. It’s not in a sub folder. I’m thinking it’s one of those little Pinterest errors because I see my domain name in my profile however I do not have a check mark (or globe) which I believe is the key to actually being verified. Any other thoughts on what may be causing the verification to not occur? Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Cheryl, I’m thinking it’s just an error with Pinterest; I’ve had that happen myself occasionally, but the main idea is for your domain name to show up in your profile. As long as that’s there, you’re good!

  20. says

    I am trying to follow your video, and all the info gathered in comments. It’s way beyond me. Feel like I’m the exact opposite of ‘The Blog Maven.’
    I think I’m self hosted, but still had a place in WP to enter the meta thingy in tools so I did. Pinterest couldn’t verify me, but my blog is linked to in the top of my profile. Who can I pay to sort this all out? Your video seems great. My ability to fit info in not so much.
    Thanks for listening!

  21. says

    hi jeni, i have a hosting from godaddy and not able to get what to write in the host section and after writing URL i’m getting error on connecting…??

    • says

      Hi Yash, all the web hosts have different settings for FTP access, so it sounds like you need to call GoDaddy and ask them for the specific info you need to put there. They may also have info for that on their knowledge base in their support section.

  22. says

    I have tried everything, and no matter what I do FileZilla is giving me the error “connection timeout” and “failed to retrieve directory listing”. I have bluehost and I tried putting my domain name as the host and when that didn’t work, I contacted bluehost support and they gave me a bunch of numbers to put in as the host, but that didn’t work either. Help please! What am I doing wrong?

    • says

      Ok, I got the FTP info all sorted out and was able to connect, but when I get to my very last step (clicking complete verification), it says “trouble verifying your domain” and won’t allow me to complete the process.

  23. says

    Hi Meghan, I’m not sure what’s going on with your verification. When all else fails, contact Pinterest via their support page – I’ve always had a good experience with their help desk in the past. Sorry to not be able to help you with specifics here!

  24. says

    “Since I verified my blog with Pinterest 24 hours ago, I’ve had eight (8) new visitors…” I think that’s a great idea too. Not only for traffic but for other reasons too. I think that taking the time to verify your site adds an element of credibility. With so many fake accounts, you need a way to stand out on Pinterest as a good, upstanding business – some way to make your product/service look special. It’s not much, but all the little things add up.

    • says

      Hi Roxanne! Sorry to say, as a blogger (not self-hosted), you don’t have access to the backend files on your site. If you decide to move to self-hosted, you’ll have all that access, plus access to plugins that will extend what your site can “do.” Thanks for reaching out here! xo


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